Prof. L. Hardan

Prof. L. Hardan

The word of the inventor of Smile Lite MDP : Prof. Louis Hardan

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

After some 5 years of experiments with the use of smartphones in dental photography, I had the opportunity to start the development of Smile Lite MDP with the community Styleitaliano and the Swiss company Smile Line SA.

It is a huge pleasure and pride for me to introduce you a tool that development was 100% focused on dental photography with smartphones (MDP = mobile dental photography).

Smile Lite MDP is a total revolution for dental photography because of its extreme simplicity of use, the professional results it is possible to reach and also because of its economical aspect.

When making the comparison with photography with an SLR (single lens reflex) camera, the Smile Lite MDP can be described as a mini photo-studio that is able to cover the major needs of the user for :

  • A ring flash
  • A dual flash
  • Photography with softbox
  • Photography with a polarizing filter
  • Photography using softbox and polarizing filter combined
  • Short videos
  • On this website, you can discover a few examples of images that highlight the amazing possibilities when using a smartphone with Smile Lite MDP. After a very short time of tests and training, you too will be able to achieve such higly professional pictures.

    Today on my opinion dental photographies are mandatory in every dental office, for the communication with a patient and with the lab and of course for your own patients’ documentation ! Smile Lite MDP has reached such a level of simplicity that it would be a pity to do without it.

    I invite you to be curious, to enjoy playing with light and shadow and discover the phenomenal possibilities of the cameras on today’s smartphones.

    Wishing you a lot of pleasure at your first steps with Smile Lite MDP !


    Prof. Louis Hardan DDS, CES, DEA, PhD
    Head Of Department Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry
    Saint-Joseph University, Beirut

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